Debbie Kruger
1995 Brisbane Biennial logo

Working on the Biennials in 1995 and 1997 were experiences that I will never forget. It was the kind of job you loved and hated at the same time - so stressful, so challenging, and so rewarding. I vowed after the 1995 festival that I would never do it again, and then, like most of the team who felt the same way, I eagerly signed on for the 1997 festival.

I was immensely proud of the work I did on these festivals. I learned a great deal from the Biennial's Chief Executive, Nicholas Heyward, and the Artistic Advisors, Richard Mills and Jonathan Mills, both renowned Australian composers. I developed an appreciation for classical music (although the Biennial catered for every genre of music) and some of the artists I worked with have become - I hope - life long friends. If you click on each logo you can share some of the magic of my time with the Brisbane Biennial.

1997 Brisbane Biennial logo

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