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Everywhere you go on this website you'll find links to other sites on the internet, and hopefully you'll find them useful and interesting.

But in terms of my all time essential links, these are the ones I can't go past.

Henry's Gallery
Henry Diltz is not only a legendary and immensely talented photographer, and the most special client I have ever had the pleasure of working with, he is also one of my dearest friends. Check out his site and buy a photo or two, or order his awesome CD-Rom, DVD or VHS of "Under the Covers," which takes you behind the scenes of some of the most famous album covers of all time.

Eagles Fastlane
L&M's Eagles Fastlane is the website that really kicked off my love for the internet. Lisa and Melissa, based in Texas, are the smartest, most witty webmasters you could ever come across.
And nowhere on this planet will you find more space devoted to Don Henley thank on their new and ever-growing Don Henley site. So go check out both sites — and tell 'em I sent y'all.

Chicago website logo
I'm a Chicagoholic and I'm proud of it. You'll have seen some of my writing on Chicago elsewhere on my website. There are plenty of fan sites out there on the band, but it's always best to start at the Official Chicago Site. One of the founders of the band, and to my mind Chicago's ultimate creative genius, Robert Lamm, has his own website where you can check out his solo work, his art and his fascinating Q&A message board, which is closed for business but still readable.

Crosby Stills & Nash CPR
It was my friendship with Henry Diltz that led me to my relatively late-in-life appreciation of CSN. There are numerous sites for the guys, but the most comprehensive is at CrosbyStillsNash.com. Stephen Barncard, who runs the site, also has a brilliant site for David Crosby's other band, CPR, so I recommend checking that out, too.

Venice Central
You just have to check out Venice. This is my favourite contemporary American band. Their songs are so gorgeous, their harmonies so sublime, and the guys themselves so amiable, it's a crime not to know about them. This is a great site for a truly great band. The opening flash page can take forever to load if you're on dial-up though, so just skip it and go through to the main index page.

Eddi Reader website
Too many people are still oblivious to this amazing artist. Go seek out Eddi Reader and allow yourself to be transported as you listen to her magical songs.

Spending a day with Linda Ronstadt at her home in Tucson, Arizona was possibly the highlight of my career to date. I am totally in awe of this woman. My lengthy interview with her is definitely worth a read, and a visit to Tony Partridge's detailed Linda Ronstadt Homepage is equally worth a visit.

Wayne Mac is the guru of Australian radio history, and now he has a site to showcase a fantastic new book that he's written on the subject, called Don't Touch That Dial. Fans of my 2SM page will love what Wayne Mac's got in his book and will love his site.

There are a lot of great sites out there to reconnect you with the super '70s. The Super Seventies Rocksite is definitely one of the best. From there you can explore a past from which you might never return.

I actually found the Super Seventies Rocksite via Randy's Rodeo. Randy's a cool dude from Texas who's proud of his Seventies pedigree. His site has a nice section on that great decade.
Randy's Rodeo logo

Milesago is one of the web's best kept secrets. It's an amazingly rich resource of information on Australian rock and pop music in the 1960s and '70s. A fantastic research tool.

And here's another great site for those of us stuck in the past. Nostalgia Central features popular culture from the USA, UK and Australia from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. Groovy, man.

The ultimate record collector's bible, Goldmine is literally a mine of information. As a writer, I can say the editorial team on this publication is an absolute joy to work with. As a music buff, this is an invaluable resource. Pity it's so hard to find in Australia.

Rocks Back Pages banner
Rocks Back Pages is a great resource. They tracked me down and asked to use my Chicago Goldmine article in their extensive library. Now they also have my Linda Ronstadt, JD Souther, Nick Cave and Birtles Shorrock Goble pieces on their site. This is an amazing resource. You do have to pay to subscribe, but definitely worth it.

Los Angeles Times
LA Times Calendar
When I'm pining for Los Angeles I can't live without the LA Times. One of the better newspaper websites, it's almost like sitting at Starbucks pouring over the real broadsheet. And if you need to cut to the chase and get straight to the entertainment news, particularly to find out what concerts are happening or have been reviewed, head to the Calendar section. I'd like to say it's as good as being in LA in person... but it's not. It just makes me pine more.

And when I'm pining for Byron Bay, or just want to check out who's saying what about whom up there, I go to the Echo website. The paper is somewhat left-wing and not always shy about being didactic, but it is a great reflection of the colour and diversity of the Byron Shire. Byron Shire Echo

Holly Gleason lives in Nashville where she has done PR for some big country artists, but this site focuses on her writing. The Yummy List is mandatory reading; she updates it every two or three weeks.

For some reading of a more scandalous and smutty kind, you can't go past this site. I've never been into celebrity gossip magazines and had never sought this type of material online until a friend sent me the link to Lainey Gossip. I was hooked. You will be, too.

Jonathan Cainer
This guy knows his stuff. Sometimes he's too cryptic for his own good, but often he is just so spot on your jaw will drop. Jonathan Cainer has helped me through some challenging times, if only by giving me a sign that I'm not alone - every other Leo is obviously going through the same stuff as me!

In Association with Amazon.com My favourite place to shop online. I've been a regular Amazon.com customer since I first got on the internet in 1996. They have everything in books, music and more.

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