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As a journalist in the late 1980s, I often remarked that I would never want to be in PR, as a publicist had a thankless role - the meat in the sandwich between client and media.

Well, never say never. I've been a PR specialist since 1994 and I find it endlessly challenging and extremely rewarding. I love working with the media, and I love stunning my clients or employers when the coverage far exceeds their expectations.

From the links on this page you can check out the organisations, individuals and projects that have benefited from my PR skills, and see some of the fun I've had along the way.

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I established Kruger PRofiles in Byron Bay in 1994 to provide PR services to local arts organisations. It didn't take long for my wings to spread nationally and internationally.
The business has expanded its services to include not only entertainment industry clients but other industries as well. Details of present and past clients and activities are all here, including Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Jamm 4 Genes, Henry Diltz Photography, the Brisbane Biennial, Brisbane International Film Festival and many more.

For a few years Kruger PRofiles took a back seat while I worked in-house full-time for APRA. As Manager of Communications and Public Affairs for this vitally important association, my duties ranged from magazine editor to Awards publicist to corporate mouthpiece. This is the page where you see me hob nob with Aussie rock stars. APRA logo

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