Debbie Kruger
In my first phase of living in the Byron Shire, I felt that there were two strands of my life. One was focused what I did in Byron Bay township and around the beaches. The other was about what I did around my homes, which have always been outside the town, on acreage, and in surrounding villages and towns. So when I first built the Byron section of my site, it felt appropriate to separate the Coastal and the Rural adventures of my Byron life. You can visit each page to either get your feet wet or smell the green green grass of my home.

Byron Bay is famous for many things, most of all its magnificent beaches. Beach culture pervades the town, from the cafes to the local radio station. Click on meditative Deb and get your feet wet... or at least sandy.
Debbie meditates on Tallow Beach

Deb rides a tractor RURAL
The hinterland and villages all the way out to Lismore and beyond have always been as much a part of my Byron life as the beach - actually more so, as my house is on rural pastures. Click on farming Deb to bliss out with me and the cows.

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